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  1. ...a fuckin big proper garden gnome though. Not one of those little cheap ones.
  2. I'm 5.7"...on a good day...and would lose a header against a garden gnome.
  3. That'll happen one day. No doubt 👍
  4. I think Keane can slightly be put in the softer, pushed around category. But I think Mina has balls of steel. I think he's squared up and argued with an opposition player each game so far. The guy seems a great character to have around.
  5. Glad to be of some use to someone! I need to get it out my system now so I can get a good night's kip!
  6. But to honest guys n girls, I'm not too worried about the season ahead. Generally. I think today will end up being one of our worst all round performances this season. We'll get beat again, no doubt. But we'll rarely play like that again. There'll be goals in this team. They'll come. I've no worries about that. And we've shown we can play tight at the back. It's just so bloody frustrating tonight. No point slinging mud only 3 games in, but we do need to find a way to break teams down when they pack their boxes.
  7. Gotta say though Bailey, those 2, Keane and Mina, have done bloody well considering they've had minimal offerings from the 2 in front of them. I've got nothing against Morgan or Gomes. Well, maybe Morgan a little bit. But neither of them will give the bite that's needed in there. Certainly not today anyway!!
  8. Just one of those nights lads. Absolutely frustrating as can be. Not helped by a non existent central midfield. Them 2 today were pure shite. There's gonna be plenty of teams who pack their box against us, and as has been the case for years now, we really need to learn how to break them down. Or else we'll not touch that top 6. Hopefully, this will develop as the season goes on. And just as I'm typing they score another one. And again, the CMs are fucking ghosts. One to forget this.
  9. Anyone else pissed with how easy these Villa players seem to go down?
  10. Honestly, Morgan and Gomes are absolutely doing my tits in tonight.
  11. Hmmm. Not sure to be honest. Really rate the guy. Just seems when he has a 'mare, he has a proper 'mare!!!
  12. Bollockings needed here. We've got worse as the games gone on. Too many players missing and doing basic stuff shite...Richarlisons off boil, Schneiderlein is nowhere to be seen, Gomes has strangely hit a sudden brick wall. We really need that man in the middle who can tackle everything in sight because they are going right through us at the moment. DCL...feel for him. Really should have scored. Does many thinks well, but needs goals. Other than that. Spot on.
  13. I like the profile of the main guys we've brought in. All of Gomes, Iwobi, Kean and Gbamin are players with a natural strength and athleticism, good on the ball, with nice tidy touches. Should be good to watch.
  14. Good signing I guess. Fits the profile of what we are after. Looking forward to seeing his development and his skill set.
  15. Didn't want to let you down.
  16. 🤣🤣🤣 Playing with you. It is a steep price but, again, the market is chaotic and I doubt us fans will ever get our heads around It!
  17. ...they were pretty shit against us at Goodison! Not a great persuader that one Matthew!!!
  18. ...and we tied up Gomes which I'm buzzing about. In terms of the squad overall vs last year, we needed that bit more quality I think.
  19. I dunno where I'm at lads. Got to be honest. So slap me down to earth if need be. I'm not unhappy. I just think we could have done more. And just feel there was a hint of old Everton panic at the end, which Id hoped to see the end of. I dunno. Happy with Kean. He seems to be our No1 striker. That s a lot to out on a young man. New country. New league. New language. Limited experience. Talented, no doubt. Needs to be given a fair chance to settle. Happy with Gbamin. But let's not forget he replaces a key man. Again, time to settle etc. Delph could be a good useful player. Forgetting the lads name as I write...the right back...useful addition. So I'm happy. But it doesn't feel like the leap we might have expected. Again...I dunno.
  20. When I seen him last year, he looked good. It was limited appearances though. Could be a very astute signing. It's a funny one. I can't help but feel we've left things late and are gonna get our pants pulled down no matter what.
  21. Should have read on...but his character within the game is not in question.
  22. His character throughout the game is held in nothing but high regard. Unquestionable. It was Roy Hodgson who said he will be fine but 'his beef is with the owners and chairman'. Yes, Hodgson actually used the word 'beef'!!!
  23. Yep. SSN reporting that Palace have said their business is done. Zaha will not be leaving. A line SSN use, which may be their own, most probably is, is '...will not be joining Everton in this window'.
  24. An hour and a half to go...this could be a damp squib. Which would be a bit frustrating. But still not a bad window overall really.
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