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  1. Whooooosh! There it is. Everton typified in one game. Shite in first half. Polar opposite in 2nd. There's something there to build on. If this doesn't give the players a boost and wake up, nothing will.
  2. Fuuuuiuckin come on!!! Let's finish this off this time. Get in.
  3. Right...we are one up. The players are doing much better. Goodison needs to get going again.
  4. More in that 90 seconds than the while first half!
  5. Same for just about every player tbh.
  6. Fuckin woeful. Goodison back on morgue setting. It's ok the players saying we need the atmosphere of the derby again, but the players need to put in the performance. We are 2nd to just about everything. Look way off pace. Attempted tackles are just lazy legs being stuck out. The performance so far looks tired, timid, low on confidence. So so poor.
  7. Hopefully we start at pace and the Goodison faithful get roaring again. Just don't know which Everton will turn up.
  8. Hahaha. True that. So many threads you're happily reading away at, then notice the title is for something totally different!
  9. Needs to be like that every home game. The place used to have that reputation.
  10. Yep...those 2 clean sheets mean we haven't conceded from a set piece for 2 games. A record this season.
  11. Came on the Silva thread. Ended up reading a page and a half about Moshiri and club ownership. Standard ToffeeTalk. Harder to follow than my Glaswegian wife after a few Bailey's.
  12. Good derby that. I thought we really took it to them and just that little bit more luck would have got all 3 points. Gana stepped up 2nd half. Richarlison made a big difference. Bernard never stopped, nor did Sigi or DCL. Plenty to build on there. 2 clean sheets on the bounce...when was the last Time?! And the Goodison faithful sounded immense. COYB.
  13. Not a bad performance first half. Think Gana is really struggling. Maybe get Gomes on. We need something different in the middle. Not overly impressed with Walcott. Give Richarlison a go. DCL doing all he can but we are missing a bit of quality in the middle. COYB.
  14. Enjoyed watching him last night. In fact, I thought that midfield 3 was awesome and complomented each other quite well. I've always thought Davies was a good compliment to Gana. Leave Gana back to do the scruffy stuff, as he's a little terrier, although Davies to go further forward has he has that bit of extra 'flair' if you like. Both will run through brick walls for you. Gomes in the mix. That guy is just a pure athlete and has a bit of everything. Keep these 3 in, as long as they perform this way, and we'll be a much more solid team. Back to basics Marco.
  15. Feckin hell!!! Feels like every 50/50 goes in against us at the moment. Flattering scoreline for city that. Plenty of positives for us tonight. Silva needs to get these lads in the changing room and tell them straight that's what we need in every game. No excuses. Put in that level of determination and guts, and the crowd will respond. The points will come. City are an excellent team. Brilliant to watch.
  16. Fuckin knew that was going in. As did all of you I guess. Fuck sake. Other than that. I was pleased. Enjoying the middle 3 of Davies, Gana and Gomes. Davies and Gana ate the terriers, Gomes that bit if assured class. Good battling performances. Plenty to be happy about so far. Except the score. Sane is an absolute nightmare for us!
  17. We look so pedestrian. It's painful. Just before Wolves 3rd goal I was thinking we own the possession but do little with it. We move the ball so slowly. We could do with moving at speed...ping pong ping...then Wolves go and do exactly what I was thinking. Pick up the ball, a few passes, shoot, score. All at pace and with intent. At the moment, not many want to take ownership of making something happen. So poor. We really need to get out if this hole.
  18. Can't blame him if he wants to go. Also in no doubt that he'll be a pro if he doesn't. We aint mugs. We don't need cash. These foreign clubs need to wise up that they can't keep overcharging PL trams for players, then expect to buy them for relatively paltry sums.
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