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  1. i have a feeling he was singing into it after his antics at his dinner the other night i think we all played well last night, from back to front, start to finish. Lukaku had his best game for us since signing perm. aiden looked alot better on the ball, and jimmy mac really does look a bargain at £15million. I loved how gibbo came on and started dictating where to play the ball from the back, and gave MacCarthy more freedom to bomb forward. Strange how we all see the game differently at times, but this is why i enjoy the site, its nice to be able to see other peoples views on the game.
  2. it was a good read, found it interesting to find out what he thought of others, especially the chapter on David Moyes. was interesting to see the team picked up on moyes not really bothering in first few months of the season the other year, when we had all picked up on it to. im amazed we produced any youth team players before we moved to finch farm listening to how bad it was at netherton!
  3. downloaded it last night, thought i would read a chapter before bed, ended up reading nearly 3/4 of the book and dropped off to sleep at 6am this morning, really good read, and a great insight into the club, particularly at youth level when he was progressing. I feel a little bit of resentment towards him playing across the park, but all in all its very positive so far. well worth a read anyway!
  4. im not sure, but with a surname like that i bet he gets up and down the line.... ;-) good luck to the lad
  5. dont listen to brett, welcome to the dark side. Not everyone is a football fan from an early age! best way is to just check out the websites and watch some videos. you will soon pick up what our club means and what we are about
  6. i HAVE to go out tonight to a poxy wedding meeting. stupid couples wanting to get married :-(
  7. fair play to the press office, this keeps Everton trending on all forms of social media after yesterday, keeps us fresh in the minds of everyone else :-)
  8. the web has gone into melt down! fingers crossed this is true, i will be made up :-)
  9. think back 12 months...would we have even thought we had a chance of signing someone like Lukaku...? Roberto has really raised our expectations :-) lets hope he can deliver
  10. there are lots of strikers in the uk and abroad. who is available that would fit into roberto's plan? he sees rom as the perfect fit for everton, he likes what he sees. i think bony would be a good fit personally to, BUT swansea WANT to keep him, so have slapped a silly amount of money on his head. The difference is Chelsea arent really assed if they keep him or not, which makes it better for us. I have also heard that they want 30million, but this would include the 6million we paid to have him on loan last year, taking it to 24million, i have also read online that its 30million euros which is about £22.5 We dont know anything really. until he signs for us or someone else lets keep it friendly. we all have opinions but they are just that :-)
  11. the more i think about it, the more that i think its going to be stadium related.
  12. im 32 years of age, i still get exicted when they have a minor announcement let alone something that could be rather big. fingers crossed, meetings cancelled, popcorn in :-)
  13. loads of rumours on twitter from naismiths new charity idea, to stadium details, barkley new contract and lukaku!
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