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Local Opposition Continues To Grow

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DETERMINED Kirkby residents have voted overwhelmingly to select independent candidates to oppose any local councillor in favour of Everton and Tesco’s move to the town.


An estimated 350 people packed Holy Angels Church to support the latest move by Knowsley Residents Action Group.


Of the 200 who filled in the ballot papers, 196 supported the motion to put forward residents in opposition to the sitting candidates.


The Rev Tim Stafford, who chaired the meeting, encouraged residents to put their head above the parapet and volunteer.


He said: “This signifies a huge change for local politics. The council has allowed the planning stage to start before the change of use has even been agreed and we need to object.”


Campaign leader Ian Morris said: “Every time I see a room like this, it tells me we’re doing what the residents of Kirkby want.”


He mocked Everton’s transport plans, earning laughter when he said it included provision for 1,000 cyclists to come to the matches.


“They say their park and ride scheme and rail links will work but we will still have gridlock when games are on.”




EVERTON and Tesco bosses last night met two MPs to persuade them to back their plans to move to Kirkby.


It was the first time Knowsley North MP George Howarth has held a face-to-face meeting with Everton chief executive Keith Wyness about the club’s multi-million pound proposal to relocate.


The meeting came as more than 350 opponents of the scheme gathered in Holy Angels Church, in Westvale, Kirkby, to form political opposition at the May elections in Knowsley.


Everton FC spokesman Ian Ross, who attended the meeting along with Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle and a Tesco representative, said: “I think we’re pleased with the way the meeting went. There was a frank exchange of views and we were able to outline what we could offer Kirkby as well as discuss our ongoing commitment to Walton.”


The club endeavoured to overcome many of the objections to the scheme that have been raised and a 16-page presentation put together for the meeting centred on Everton’s identity as “The People’s Club”.


Mr Ross said: “We made it clear that no football club does more at a community level. We are very intent that we get across precisely what Everton will be bringing to the town.


“There’s a mis-apprehension that we’re an arrogant football club who will just plant themselves in Kirkby and have nothing to do with the surrounding community.


“If the people of Kirkby were to talk to the people of Walton, they would soon find out what we have to offer.


“They would benefit massively from the programme that Everton brings. We’re more than just a football club.”


Mr Wyness outlined a 10-point community programme in the meeting, in which they expressed their belief that only a new stadium could truly transform Kirkby.


As “good neighbours” Mr Wyness said the stadium would act as a catalyst – or incubator – for innovative community schemes.


Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle has met the club several times to make sure that should Everton leave Walton, his constituents would not be forgotten.


He said: “We (Mr Howarth and himself) have both interests and concerns about the proposal but from different ends of the perspective.”


“I was keen that their wider community involvement would not cease with them moving to Kirkby, Mr Wyness was able to give that assurance.


“It’s not just about women’s football or working with disabled groups – they are trying to establish their brand as the People’s Club in a unique way.


“There are difficulties for residents to deal with and we were there to represent our constituents’ concerns.”


Talks lasted an hour and a half .


Mr Howarth was last night unavailable for comment.


But on his website he says: “This is one of the most complicated local issues I have ever had to deal with.”


If the club are not being ignorant, why did they choose to hold a meeting on the same night as the resident's meeting? It wouldn't be to detract press attention away from the resident's meeting, would it? ;)

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I would just like to endorce the use of bicycles to go to the match!......but I can't!


Last time I biked to watch Everton(on the tv)....was a couple of miles across town to one of the first pubs to have the Setanta channel.It was the home game against Blackbrun, I locked my bike with my sons really excellent super safe bike lock, cable as thick as your thumb...to a street light and went into the pub.Luckypool had played Sunderland earlier and a few rs had stayed at the pub and were well pissed!

Me, the only Blue in the pub, could have said I was a Blackburn fan, for a quite life!But us Evertonians aren't like that are we ;) .....no!Little bit of banter, and I thought the best thing to do was keep the head down and keep drinking.Well!..1-1 draw and a couple of drinks too many and I said goodbye to my new friends :rolleyes: ......they seemed to need a little walk themselves and followed me out.The air mixed with the Stella resulted in me forgetting my sons lock code :huh: ....As I struggled for a few minutes trying every combination on the lock and phoning my son who didn't answer...my red friends came up with a great idea B) ......get a hacksaw from the landlord and cut the lock for me!Wht not!....I just wanted to get home.

So one bright red, who was more pissed than me and who really did want to help, started sawing(I thought just for a joke) through the street light :o ....Now as I work for the electricity board I could see the headlines in the local paper, I managed to wrestle the saw from him and cut the lock in seconds(so much for that unbreakable lock)....and wobbled home!


So!.....I think riding your bike to watch Everton is fraught with risk!

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To be honest.....NO!


I was too busy hoping no one had called the police at the sight of us twats cutting down a street

light....then the bike lock, and riding away on MY bike :huh:


Result:.....Everton got a point!......son got a new bike lock!.....I learnt a couple of lessons!

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