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well i saw this on the bbc forum for the city game, and then being a bit of a sad stato added it up myself.


we've scored 71 goals and kept 16 clean sheets this season!


When Vaughan Scored to make it 3-2 vs AZ that was the 50th goal we scored.


however we have played 41 games already and from now to the end of the season we'll play a minimum of 54 games!

Our leading Goal Scorers (all comps) on Official Site


Yak 16 (perhaps should read 17)

Cahill 9

Aj 8

Lescott 7 (though i think its 8 now)

Ossie 6


we've scored 5 more goals than chelsea though we've conceeded 6 more.


Phil Jagielka is the only player to have scored past Tim Howard in the League in 2008.


just think a few years ago in 47 games we only scored 42

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I've said it before but if only we hadn't had the dodgy run of seven points from eight games after the opening two wins back in August. Outside of those games we've got a record of W13 D4 L2 at an average of well over two points a game (43 from 19). That over the whole season would have got us 86 points!!


One point from games @ Reading, Villa and Newcastle and home to Blackburn stuffed us, but if it's the only bad patch we have in the league this season I'll be very happy :) .


Not doing too shabby considering the head start we gave all our rivals ;) .

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Zed    1

We've certainly put ourselves in a great position at the business end of the season.


I think the phrase "Your only as good as your next game" should be in the managers thoughts now


Weve set ourselves high standards and the rewards are there to be taken

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Ian    3

Couldnt agree more lads, its a great achievement.


Lets just hope they keep going, the way they are playing at the minute then I would be confident against any team.



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