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Mp: Everton Do Nothing For The Area

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Every now and then, I recieve an indignant letter or email from an Everton supporter.


They rarely live in Walton-indeed, most seem to write from outside Liverpool; but they have strong views on whether or not Everton FC stays in Liverpool.


Needless to say, they never have a positive suggestion on either where the club should relocate, and where the money to pay for a new ground comes from.


They also intend to ignore two other facts of life.


Firstly, Everton fans voted to support the club in it's proposals.


Secondly, the club is a private business, ultimately answerable to shareholders.


It passes some people by that, as local MP, my views on the clubs location must be secondary to the interests of the local community.


I will certainly not buy into the amateur economics of some of my correspondants.


This latter group tends to talk of tens of millions of pounds which the club puts into the local economy.




Most of its turnover goes into wallets of the highly paid players and staff. I do not see too many of them shopping down County Road, or buying their holmes in Liverpool 4.


I suspect for most, their concerns revolve around meeting their mates in the same pub for each home game.


I understand that (and concerns of publicans).


But it will not help the club finance itself, and it does nothing to rejuvenate the area.


The truth is that many residents will be glad to see the club move.


One answer was a shared stadium with Liverpool.


Sadly, Everton were led on a wild goose chase for the arena. Neither supporters nor owners of either of our clubs showed enthusiasm when the opportunty was there.


Any comments? :|

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i thought it was the SUPPORTERS who spent all the money at county road's many drinking and eating establishments........... he'll be cursing us when that money disappears.


Everton in Europe, i wonder how much that has increased business in the local pubs compared with last year.

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Sorry... forgot to add that.. Peter Kilfoyle Walton and Anfield MP..


The above is his column in a local paper the Anfield/Walton Star


It's strange to see someone saying that when seemingly everybody else in the council is keen to keep Everton in the city boundaries.

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