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Anybody Remember. ?

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How much it was when they first started going to the Matches. ??


A few of the long established members will remember these momento's but i will put them up again for the more recent members.


I could get a season ticket for the price you have to pay for a programme these days. 21 home matches and all the reserve games (which used to be played at Goodison) all for £3.

If you got a stand season ticket, that would cost you £5 but with that you got a free programme on match days. :o Below is a picture of the Boys loading up on the coach to go to play Nuremburg in 1965/66 and you will notice the ground entrance fee at 4 shillings (20p), but i was watching them probably 10 years before that and i can remember paying 2 shillings to get in the ground (10p) can anybody beat that.






Wembley Cup finals in 66 and 68 cost me 50p.





How things have changed.

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my first season ticket worked out at something like £6 a game but i was only young at the time and my dad used to pay me in so i cant remember exactly how much... I still got it at home though so i'll check when i get home...

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