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Odds On Everton Finishing 5th

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just to let you know about a bet I think looks quite generous:


on betfair for everton to be the "winner without the big 4" you can still get 6/10


think that's quite generous seeing as we're 5 points clear of villa with a better goal difference and we still play them at Goodison.


if I wasn't dirt-poor I'd have a few bob on that ;)

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Always dodgy at the end of the season - Cheslea and Arsenal may be easier games than Newcastle at home if they are in a relegation battle and the Arsenal and Chelseas positions are already nail down by then and they have FA/European cup games to think about. But Arseanl and Cheslea could equally be going for the Premiership and Newcastle be safe with a game in hand. Tough none the less


5 wins, 2 draws, 3 defeat in the last 10 games would give us another 17 point, finishing at around 70 points. Given our form this year, this is very do able!!!


I would think if we win both the Liverpool and Villa games as part of those 5 wins above it may be enough for 4th, lose those games and 70 points may not be enough this year to get 4th spot. (I think 71 is the current record points score for 4th place finsiher). I supose those are the games you got to win to truly deserve 4th at the end of the season.


You watch Liverpool win the European Cup again this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel it after their win the other week in Europe.

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