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Phoenix from the Flames

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Phoenix from the flames now that the site seems to be back up and running. And let's hope it is for the club too (and hey, in these difficult days, lets take a moment to congratulate the Ladies side who continue to perform well).


Let's face it, we've got Chelsea on Sunday and whilst there is always hope that the fact there is little pressure/expectation to this game might help, realistically we can't expect anything from it.


However, Middlesboro at home in the Cup next Wednesday. By then Kroldrup & Beattie should be ready to start and VDM may be ready for the bench. And Arteta should be back.

A decent crowd, score first (which is what we need to happen more than anything else at the moment) and we may just get ourselves on the road back..


A team with Krodrup, Yobo, Ferrari, Arteta, Cahill, Neville, VDM and Beattie at the heart of it will click soon.


Call to arms Blues, don't take the bait of the other fans at the moment and don't groan at the first misplaced pass from the players.


Come on, lets effing well sort this out between us all.

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