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I was on some liverpool forums and i think nearly in every forums there was this statement

Also, how Moyes doesn't see how Manuel Fernandes is a superior footballer to Carsley and Phil Neville I don't know.



Everybody knows, if moyes does not start fernandes against derby then were f**ked. we gotta accept the fact that unsung heroes r just shit players. hopefully next season we get better signings. likes of kallstrom,cana a rb , st and a midfielder. Carsley forced the backs to boot it up. he duznt seem to want the ball where fernandes picked the ball from the back everytime.

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Under the circumstances i think Moyes got the team just right, It was a contain them formation in the first half and go after them in the 2nd half, which is the way it turned out.

If fernandes and baines had played from the start we could have been 3-0 down by half time, cos tho they are not bad at attacking, both are quite poor defending, and everybody would have crucified Moyes for the team selection.

But i still maintain, not bringing in one or two decent players in the transfer window has cost us points against, Blackburn, Spurs, Fulham and West Ham, on top of our Euro Defeat.

Its all going Tits up because of a threadbare Squad, we have no chance of challenging for 4th place when we lose a couple of players from a very small squad. If we keep hold of the 5th place it will be a magnificent achievement for ARGUABLY the smallest squad in the Prem. ??

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