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“I would say that maybe we don’t need more players, just more players with quality,” Moyes said.

“We sold James McFadden and then picked up some serious injuries to Cahill and Vaughan. That takes it’s toll.

“But I am happy with the numbers here, just that one or two have not worked or offered enough to the squad, that has effected things. We have always been looking to add to the numbers, but mainly to the quality.



Who do you think he's referring to? Seems inconceivable that it would be VDM, since it's been obvious for a long time that he's not going to offer anything. Who else? Gravesen?

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I think moyes would rather dwell on quality being the problem rather than quantity....because

I guess people lay the blame of being short on numbers at his(Moyes)door!


Very probably if VDM had been any good at all, and Gravo had performed....AND Vaughan had had a injury free season.....AND....Cahill hadn't spent half the season injured..........Then we

MAY well have been still in europe and maybe 4th..


BUT, Those things didn't happen!!...........and if Moyes is going to become an even better manager, he has to understand, it could happen again next season, and buy accordingly.

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