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What Constitutes A Good Squad.

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Certainly not the squad we have at the moment, whereby if you lose 1 or 2 players the team is considerably weakened.


Reckon we need about 24 players of similar Talents so if one drops out the player coming in is equally as good, Thats my idea of a good squad that can take us up another level.

We are Woefully short in midfield at the mo, and a lot of decent players have got to be brought in.


Right back _____________________ Centre half ________________________ Left back


Hibbert __________________ Yobo ............ Lescott_____________________ Baines

Neville _________________ Jagielka ....... ( ___?__ ) __________________ Valente

( __?___ ) __________________________________________________________ ( __?___ )




Arteta _______ Cahill __________ Carsley ________ Osman _________ Pienaar

( ___?__ ) _____ ( __?___ ) ______ ( ___?__ ) ______ ( Fernandes) _____( ___?___ )


I've left out Graveson and Van der Meyde, cos if we have any intentions of moving up a notch, these players are not going to help us do it.




Yakubu __________ Johnson ______________ Vaughan ____________ Anichebe


Seem to be OK for forwards, but as you can see we are well down on Numbers for a decent squad, taking into consideration that Pienaar and Fernandes are only loans at the mo so if we sign those 2 on we will still need at least 3 midfielders and a couple of fullbacks in the summer, maybe we ought to be looking for £50M Summer spending Transfer budget.


Who would slot in nicely to complete the squad, bearing in mind we dont want superstars, just good honest pro's who will be equally as good as those we already have.

Just shows how bare our squad is when we have Vd Meyde and four loanees in the squad, and only 2 of them are any good.

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If we keep Valente, I don't think we need another left back - Lescott is more than adequate as cover for Baines, and Jagielka has shown he can do it alongside Yobo if Lescott has to move across. The only problem with that is if one of Yobo/Jags is injured, so maybe we could do with another centre half, but hopefully Rodwell will continue to improve and could be useful if needed?


As for right back, I definitely think we could do better. Someone who can overlap and actually cross would be nice! I never really liked Glen Johnson, but I really think he's kicked on since he's gone to Pompey, so I'd like to see him here. Cost would probably be prohibitive though.





I'm assuming Peanuts will sign. Fernandes.....end of last season I would have said yes, definitely. Not 100% now though after his poor showings in his second spell here, but if he could be had for, say, £6 - £8 million I'd take him. As long as MSI aren't involved in any way!


Joe Ledley looks good too - we're crying out for an exciting left sided player, so he's probably worth a gamble - could be the new Cahill/Lescott, although that goal the other day has probably put his price up a few mill and alerted a few more teams.


Arshavin - looks awesome from the limited bits I've seen of him - would love to see him here, but I fear cost and competition for his signature mean it probably won't happen.


We clearly need a replacement for Carsley too. I don't really know who - some peole say Fernandes could do it, but I don't think he's got the workrate to get around and break up play. Huddlestone seems to be improving in that sense, and he's got amazing passing ability and can really strike a ball, so I think he could be the man. Sadly I don't think Spurs would sell though, and even if they did they would probably want a LOT!


I really want to see Milner here. I think he's got the hard working, team mentality to fit in perfectly at Everton, plus I really rate him! Skillful, scores goals, and can play on either wing or up front if needed. And he's at Newcastle for god's sake! Surely he'd jump at the chance to come here. Sign him up Moysie!





Yeah, I think we're probably ok here too. If we do get Arshavin or Milner, they can provide good cover.


Unless we can get the equivalent of Torres or something!

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i dont believe in buying squad players, so anyone we bring in should be better than what he have imo


I agree with that sentiment Steve, i would like to see Arteta, Osman, Pienaar, and Cahill on the bench, that would mean we have brought in better players, but they would then be squad players to fill in for injuries suspensions and African competitions. Thats something we've never had here (always a small squad) and since January its been costing us. So if we want to challenge the big boys we have to improve and enlarge the squad, you can bet Portsmouth, Aston Villa and Man City will.

Then it will be a struggle to get into the top 10, never mind the top 4.

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totally agree with steveo there, we should be buying players that will relagate the likes of arteta, cahill etc to the bench, but its the funds. Players like that will have to be hiden gems or expensive transfers which is something we are good at (gems) and something we cant afford (expensive transfers)

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