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Just been thinking that despite the wheels wobbling a little in the last few games that if we'd been shown the current league table last August we'd have been amazed and delighted.


What would other fans have thought of the table as it is?


ManU. Acceptable.

Chelsea. Not quite good enough.

Arsenal. Unacceptable.

Liverpool. Shite.


Portsmouth. Excellent (specially if you told them they'd be in the Cup Final as well).

Villa. Acceptable.

City. Just about acceptable.

Blackburn. Poor.

West Ham. Could be better.

Spurs. Hopeless.

Newcastle. Disastrous.

Middlesbrough. Doh!

Sunderland. Excellent.

Wigan. Twitchy.

Reading. Ditto.

Birmingham. Pray.

Bolton. Disastrous.

Fulham. Unacceptable.

Derby. :o .


Think there's only us, Pompey and Sunderland who've exceeded expectations.

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If you told fans in August that we'd have to deal with a subpar season (by his standards) from Arteta, two long stretches without Cahill, and so few healthy attacking options at times that Lescott ended up being one of our biggest scoring threats, I think they would've said that finishing fifth under that scenario would exceed their expectations. I certainly would have.

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well this season we made the semis of the carling cup the last 16 of the UEFA cup. and if we finishe 5th that would account for a brilliant season. if someone told me that in august i would have taken that with both hands

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