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Have We Been Played For Fools?

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Have we been played like a fiddle?


I was interested to hear (a rumour) today that Tescos had a plan B up their sleeve.. a smaller retail park development in Kirkby. They may have gone forward with their original plans (the large retail park) but today Liverpool Council and Grosvenor revealed their major concerns and they are concerning the retail development size and not the stadium.


If the development size has been reduced by 40%, where does that leave Everton? Can they afford to build a stadium with less enabling money or has it been the plan B all along to get past the planning legislation?


There are rumours that the club have pulled out and there are rumours that Tesco knew what they were doing and waited until all the major objections were made public so they could address them before pushing ahead with alternative plans.


Simply put... I don't know where EFC stand any more

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I don't know








ok funtime over, it wouldn't be the first time that big business has done this, but if thats the case why did EFC get involved, unless they wanted to Hold LCC to ransom and get some NWDA funding, to pay for a site inside LCC.

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They've both been using each other, its all a bit underhanded but if both parties achieve their objectives then theres no harm done, unless the original plans are passed and we end up on a giant industrial estate in Kirkby. :rolleyes:

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