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Kenwright Is Seething, Angry And Bemused

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from the Sunday Express


David Moyes

Sunday May 11,2008

By John Richardson


Everton chairman Bill Kenwright will seek urgent talks with David Moyes today over claims that the club are dragging their heels over the manager’s new contract.


Kenwright was said to be “seething” over stories that there is uncertainty over Moyes’ future.

Boardroom sources insist there is a new five-year deal worth £10million waiting for the Scot in the summer.


Last week Moyes said: “It may seem strange to be preparing for another season with just one year on your contract.


“But maybe that is a question for the chairman.


“I haven’t actually been offered a new contract and nothing has been mentioned about talks.” Moyes also revealed that he is in the dark about how much he will have to spend in the transfer market.


The apparent impasse has alerted Celtic, who are likely to part company with Gordon Strachan.

Moyes, a former Celtic player, would be a popular choice to take over.


All this has left Kenwright angry and bemused, according to a boardroom insider.


He will be loath to lose Moyes, but will demand some straight answers after today’s visit of Newcastle.


Personally I don't want Moyes to leave but if he did Kenwright's days would be numbered.

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Well it's in the newspapers!.............so it all must be true :lol:


Moyes go to Celtic!.........That would be a really good career move, unless he's ready to retire from proper football and enter a two horse race every year.


Well it's all good for the Kenwright bashers.....even those who wanted Moyes out some time ago!


OH well the sooner Kenwright sells out the sooner we can become the next Manchester City or Newcastle.....then we can change managers every season :rolleyes:

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I'm taking the above article with a pinch of salt.


Where as Daily Mail usually try and stick the knife in to Everton whenever they can.


I think David Moyes is doing his business in public (not to the extent of Rafa Benitez leaking his transfer targets to the press!) - he has said on a couple of occassions recently that he is really pushing Bill Kenwright for extra transfer funds.

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i too am taking with a pinch of salt, but why wouldnt moyes be tempted by Celtic?

ok its an inferior league, but we know he wants champions league football too, and we know he hold celtic close to his heart.

i honestly dont think he'll go, but if he did go to celtic i doubt i'd be shocked

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Moyes says that he hasn't been offered anything yet

Keith Wyness says they are in deep talks

Express run a story on the matchday from a boardroom source stoppnig short of calling Moyes a liar and that Kenwright is "seething" with Moyes.

Moyes in post-match interview indicates that contract talks will start next week (contradicting Wyness' claim that talks have begun).


In the words of Marvin Gaye.. "what's going on?"

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