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Rate The Player's Seasons.

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Howard - Excellent Season, some great saves and 1 cleat sheet shy of that record.

Wessels - Average Backup, wont be staying so thanks to him for the season.

Hibbert - Fairly Poor season, reluctant to keep hold of the ball.

Yobo - Good Season, fast, strong solid this season, very few mistakes too.

Jagielka - Excellent, doubts at start but when he was given his centre back chance he nailed down his place.

Lescott - Player of the season, such a top quality player,would walk into any team in the world, 10 goals too.

Baines - Injuries have hindered his season, looked good enough when he played.

Neville - Average season, not very good with the ball, cant fault his efforts as captain though.

Carsley - Fairly solid, saved our skin a few times, work rate was good.

Fernandes - better when he got fitness, touch an go whether he stays. Better delivery than arteta though.

Gravesen - Didnt do much, good luck for the future tommy, everton legend.

Arteta - Excellent first half, poor second possibly injuries though.

Peinaar - Excellent, added some much need creativity, glad he's signed.

Osman - Good season - Excelled in some games, useful player this season.

Cahill - From what he played excellent, popped up with some vital goals, would have been better for the whole season.

Anichebe - Great in europe, not very good in the league though, missed his chance a few times.

Vaughan - Better than victor from what he played.

Johnson - Changed games at times, never did much as though average season. Needs to be better.

Yakubu - 21 goals says it all well worth the 11 million payed.

Moyes - Manager of the season again IMO.


Honourable mentions to Alan Irvine, James Mcfadden And Alan Stubbs all great servants to the club.


Thats my assessment of the players this season

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Howard - Solid season.

Wessels - Good backup

Hibbert - Please leave. You have had some good points this season but your not good enough any more

Yobo - Good Season

Jagielka - Had abit of a doubt when first joined but quickly erased. Brilliant.

Lescott - Player of the season by a country mile. excellent

Baines - Good luck for next season.

Neville - Showed commitment all year, fair play to him.

Carsley - Unsung hero sometimes but is faily old now. Cya later lad.

Fernandes - Zero to hero. Sign him now.

Gravesen - Point in signing you was? To take a pen that we eventually lost? shouldnt be here. goodbye

Arteta - Hit and miss this season.

Peinaar - Brilliant, moyes is a geniues.

Osman - Best midfeilder this season, excellent

Cahill - Missed him alot this season, shame he didnt play much.

Anichebe - Good sub, not a good starter

Vaughan - Same as cahill.

Johnson - Needs to score more. one more season i'd give him

Yakubu - lazy still imo but fuck that he scored 21 in the prem =D

Moyes - Please stay.

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Gravesen - Didnt do much, good luck for the future tommy, everton legend.


Really :huh: ?


You need to do a bit more than Tommy has to achieve that status.

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Howard - he's very good. does whats needed and very solid, however there are a few inconsistencies that stop him being top TOP class. high hopes for him though C+


Wessels - Backup, looks like James Blunt 'nuff said. D


Hibbert - he an honest player who loves the club... but if we wanna progress he has to be replaced...a good squad player. C-


Yobo - fantastic centre back for 85 minutes a match...gaurented to have a brain fart though, we just have to prey it dosnt cause a goal. still young for a defender and deffintly getting better all the time. B


Jagielka - fantastic defender, always in the right place at the right time (still you dont have to hoof it every time phil) totally deserves his england call up A-


Lescott - Player of the season, another Moysey gem. hope Man U keep thier grubby hands off him. A*


Baines - cant say from this season due to injury but the quality is there hopefully he will play a bit more next season C-


Neville - great captain, average player... humm dilemma. C


Carsley - go ead my son. the iron every team needs in thier midfield (and he didnt cost £18Million either Rafa) a great servant for the club but that postion does need to be filled by younger shoes. dont wanna see him leave the club though (out to pasture rather then the glue factory hehe) A-


Fernandes - humm jury is out... £4 million or below do it, anything above go swing for it. D+


Gravesen - they say never go back true in tommy's case..but we still love you mate xx D+


Arteta - one of our best players however a shocking 2nd half of the season, hopefully that will put off the clubs courting him...vital for next season as long as he gets back to his pre crimbo form. (before crimbo A+, after crimbo D+) B-


Peinaar - major success. and a bargian too, hopefully he will grow next season... bargain. A-


Osman - quietly turning into one of our best players, a shot only bettered by the yak and deserves an england call up soon. A+


Cahill - simple rule... with Cahill we are awesome. without we struggle (most of the time). is it any coincedence our amazing form srated when he returned from injury? cover him in bubble wrap next season if we want any chance of finishing 4th or above. A+


Anichebe - at first i thought he was a heskey clone (remember when he burst on the scene for liecester) but slowley being turned around. needs to kick a ball at a brick wall for a few hours a day to work on that finish though. B


Vaughan - coulda been the next Owen but looks like he's made of glass. heres hoping for an injury free season so he can develop abit more. C-


Johnson - dont care what people are saying over all hes a better player then the yak. honest and hard working, once he gets his eye back in and refs stop treating him like an argentinian on speed then he will get back to his best. this season....C+


Yakubu - a flawed genius. how can a player do nothing for so much of a game yet bang in 21 a season... sod it he can sit on his arse for all i care just keep puttin them in the back of the net. A-


Moyes - in my opinion only behind Fergie and Wenger in terms of talent. he is the most important member of the club and must be kept at all costs Are you listening Bill and Keith the flowerpot men? every mistake he makes he learns from and we get better every season. if he had the resources the spanish waiter has had we would be challenging for the league... nuff said. A* and contender for manager of the season again.

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Howard - excellent, virtually flawless 9

Hibbert - mainly poor 5

Neville - not bad 6/7

Yobo - brilliant, probably our best defender, very few mistakes, excellent positioning, great in the air 9.5

Jagielka - rubbish at the start, ended up being excellent although still not as accomplished as Yobo 9

Lescott - excellent at LB, bit more dubious at CB, I don't think he was player of the season personally 9

Pienaar - excellent before African Nations, just fairly decent on his return 7/8

Cahill - changed our season, our most important player 9

Carsley - brilliant, totally unsung hero and even when we played poor he was consistently performing 9

Arteta - started off like a steam train, ended up very disappointing 6

Osman - excellent sometimes, ok others - promising 7/8

Yakubu - awesome 9.5

AJ - poor 5/6

Fernandes - some promising moments, some very poor games - we need more from him but he does have talent 6/7

Anichebe - needs to work on his fitness, has the attributes now needs to add some class and energy 6/7

Vaughan - too many injuries, if he can stay fit he looks good n/a

Moyes - brilliant 10

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Howard - Brilliant most of the time but his kicking can be poor

Hibbert - done well at times, but we do need a new rightback

Neville - utter shite

Yobo - imo our player of the season, the lads been immense all season rarely making mistakes

Jagielka - started off poor but now looks a great addition, some

Lescott - class, what a signing for 5 million

Pienaar - bargain, adds sum creativity we have lacked.

Cahill - played really well with the yak until he got injured

Carsley - done his job and has been a good servant to the club, its maybe time for him to move on now or drop to the bench

Arteta - at times brilliant and other times poor

Yakubu - he can be lazy at times but in the box the lads a genious

AJ - works hard but does to much down the channels for me and not enough in the box

Fernandes - at first he was poor but the last 5 games he played id say he could have won motm everytime, i hope we sign him.

Anichebe - poor touch but could be made into a good striker in the future

Vaughan - will be out future number 9 if he can stay injury free

Moyes - one of the top managers of the season, im not sure about his subs tho.

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Howard - He has moments of calamity due to lack of communication, but overall another great job.

Hibbert - Provided decent over in the spot starts. Either played excellent, or very poorly.

Neville - Seeing him score those 2 goals were hilarious. I actually think he is a decent RB.

Yobo - I remember a few times where he got turned around/out of position, but another solid season.

Jagielka - I'm not quite as high on him as everyone else, I think he had an OK season - hoofed it way too much for my liking

Lescott - His goals were crucial to us being in 5th place. My player of the season. I do prefer him at LB than CB now honestly.

Pienaar - I loved the loan when we got him, and am very pleased that we brought him in. Provides the passing we need.

Cahill - It'll be interesting to see if we rely on him as much next season with the injury problems, but had some good performances this season, although people are forgetting that he flat out dissapeared in other games.

Carsley - His passive aggressive style of defensive midfielding cost us a couple games, but similar to Hibbert he is decent at his position. We need an upgrade here.

Arteta - Same as Cahill. Definitely not the same Arteta from the previous season.

Yakubu - I don't care if he does nothing else, the fact is he scored 20+ goals for us. If anything, we should put him in a role where we try to limit his other duties. Great signing.

AJ - Struggled to get in sync with the Yak. Needs to regain some of that finishing touch.

Fernandes - Really turned in on at the end of the season- I hope we get him on another loan to see if he can do it for the entire season :D .

Anichebe - Our Euro Supersub - Honestly his development is starting to slow down. Maybe loaning him out may be the best option?

Vaughan - Only if he can stay healthy. He'd be a great #3 striker that could be used for the spot start.

Moyes - Pushes our club forward. One of the top English managers.

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Howard- Another great season. Very consistant and very few mistakes. Needs to sort out his kicking though

Neville- Same as before really. Average performances, good captaining. Crap in midfield, competant at RB

Hibbert- A few decent performances, notably against City, but alot of poor performances

Yobo- Strong, Solid, Leads from the back. Very good season

Jags- Dodgey start but really surprised me later on in the season. Needs to sort out distribution though

Lescott- Class. Enough said.

Baines- Looked good when he played, but didn't play enough.

Nuno- Slow and wasteful. No change there then.

Arteta- poor season considering his talent. a few very good games, but not enough.

Pienaar- Great first season, adds creativity that is often much needed, can go missing though.

Osman- Very good in the centre, mediocre when played wide

Cahill- Made great impact when he finally came back, missed him when he was gone.

Carsley- Fairly solid but made more mistakes than useual. Age has caught up with him

Manny- Started slow but once fit was awesome

Yak- Exactley what we thought he would do, a bit lazy but scores goals. Great addition to squad.

AJ- He can run but can't score. Needs to sort out his first touch and final shot. Can't fault his effort though.

Vaughn- Had high hopes but injury messed that up

Vic- Good as super sub in europe. Made no impact anywhere else though.

Moyes- Can't fault him that much, negative subs could be sorted out but really cant fault him overall

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