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Wyness Still Supporting 39th Game

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“It (the 39th game) is certainly not dead,” said Wyness. “It’s going to be discussed again in June at the Premier League summer meeting and that’s the next hurdle it has got to cross.


“I think it’s something that needs to be explored really fully because there is some very strong potential in it.


“I understand the opposition towards it and the arguments that have been made. But I do think it something that really needs to be looked at.


“We can’t rest where we are now as a league. You see other sports trying new things and don’t forget you have got the IPL and Twenty20 cricket coming up on the rails.


“They are trying to get cricket started off in America and China now, too. The landscape for sport is going to change dramatically in the next 10 or 15 years and we have got to stay up there.”

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We can't be left behind because it's a meeting for all 20 Premier League CEOs. We have to attend ;)


It's nothing to do about being left behind, the premier ship has established itself as one of the best leagues in the world. If FIFA won't allow the premiership to be played abroad I daresay they won't let another league play their games abroad.


I don't think it will happen, I think they'll allow the charity shield to be played abroad though (which no one cares about:)


In my view the only people it will benefit is the 'top four' teams because they will be able to exploit the fans abroad and improving their brand name.


JD - How did fans feel about the superbowl being hosted in London?

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Well tell us then haha


Click on the red text in my post.


JD - How did fans feel about the superbowl being hosted in London?


That was not the Super Bowl, that was just a plain old regular season game. I don't think most fans - other than fans of the two teams - really cared that much one way or the other. We're actually kind of used to those things by now. The NFL (National Football League) had already played regular season games in Mexico before that, Major League Baseball has played regular season games in Japan, and the National Hockey League has played regular season games in both Japan and England.


The thing is, though, that for the moment at least, none of our leagues are playing those overseas games as additional games on the schedule. With baseball and hockey, the two teams go wherever they're going, play two games against each other, and each counts as one home game and one away game, so the overall effect is to play the exact same schedule and number of games against each opponent that they would have played otherwise, just instead of playing 40 home games and 40 road games, they play 39 and 39 with two neutral site games. The NFL can't do a two-game trip like that because NFL teams only play once a week, but the unlucky team that loses a home game is financially compensated and both teams get a week off after their trip, so they made it as fair as they could.


That said, the NFL is now talking about eventually adding a 17th regular season game and making it an overseas round, but there are two reasons why even that is still unlikely to be very controversial with the fans.

One: If the NFL played one more regular season game they'd play one less preseason exhibition game, and most fans think the preseason is too long anyway. Fans would prefer 2 preseason and 18 regular season games instead of 4 pre and 16 regular, so for us going to 3 and 17 is actually a step in the right direction.

Two: The NFL doesn't play a double round-robin like the EPL does. In fact, there are so many teams that each team only gets to play against roughly one-third of the league in any given season, creating massively imbalanced schedules right from the start. One more game isn't going to make that much of a difference one way or the other.


There's also the fact that no other country has a major professional (American-style) football league except Canada or (as far as I know) any plans to start one, so the NFL's plan isn't going to be seen as a threat like the EPL's was.

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