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Windy City

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I thought there was another discussion on this but I wasn't able to find it, so if a moderator wants to move this to the correct place, please do.




Just got my tickets to the Everton Fire game on July 30 at Toyota. Can't wait for it really, hope Everton brings a strong squad. Maybe even Van Der Meyde!!!!


Kidding aside, who will be going from here? I've got my seats in section 107, I think, right near half.


Now I'm just waiting for details on the bus service to the game. (The drive from Chicago to Toyota Park is 15 miles through Chicago rush hour with no good public transit system)


Also, if you'll be in Chicago on the 29th the Globe Pub on Irving Park at Damen is supposed to be having a meet and greet with some of the players:




Hope to see some of you out for this

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Chicago Fans are selling those scarves at the game. Not a bad design. (shame about the red though!) :)


I seriously think whoever designed the scarf didn't take that into account :P


Hopefully it'll be a better game than last year at Salt Lake.

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Just a little more info from the The Globe as to who might be at the meet and greet.


"The Gaffer, Howard, Cahill, Neville and a couple more, please don't quote me on this as it came directly from the Everton front office and we all know what that could mean."


Says to be there by 4 as they expect to be at full capacity.

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News from the appearance at the Globe in Chicago:


From Moyes:


"Expect to bring in 4 or 5 players"


"I believe Manuel Fernandes is a Valencia player"


"Waiting to sign my contract until a few things are made clear"


"Yeah I think Andy [VDM] is injured again"


"The move to Fulham was Aj's choice" and when questioned about Aj's transfer "You can either trust me or not"



These are obviously my (influenced by cheap Chang) interpretations of what he said, but I think they are fairly accurate. Good news overall I think, shame that Fernandes seems out of the loop. No news on Moutinho or any other definite targets.


Cahill, Howard, Ossie and Vaughan appeared with him, all were in very good spirits.


According to Moyes, Vaughan may feature tomorrow or this weekend. Cahill expected by third week of the league.

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