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Bradley Defends Ground Share Idea

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LIVERPOOL’S council leader Warren Bradley has defended his position of seeking a joint stadium for Everton FC and Liverpool FC.


In a letter to the Liverpool Daily Post, published today , he outlines why he thinks the two rival clubs should share a stadium instead of building separate grounds.


He writes: “I have for a number of years been an advocate of a joint stadium for our two Premiership clubs not because I particularly want to be embroiled in the wrath of disgruntled fans of both clubs, but because I feel it makes sound economic sense both for the City of Liverpool and the football clubs.


“This sensitive subject must be discussed, not ignored. More and more supporters of both clubs who have looked at all the options, are not convinced that the present schemes are deliverable.


“A joint approach can be delivered for the good of all involved.


“I don’t have a hidden agenda, nor am I attempting to be unnecessarily obstinate, I care for our city and the football clubs, and will always strive for success on all fronts.

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