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The 34 Sites Looked At Before Kirkby...

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Keith Wyness said in the echo today that Kirkby is the only suitable site he's looked at out of 35.


From http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-n...0252-21049140/


“This is the 35th option that was looked at. When we say it is the deal of the century, it is because it is very hard to achieve what has come about with this application.


Some sites shouldn't be on the list because it is abundantly obvious that a stadium wouldn't go there and some have poor reasons for being neglected.


Here is the full list:


Alternative Sites for a Stadium


The Retail Assessment is accompanied by a review of potential sites in the Merseyside

area for the development of a new stadium for EFC. The new stadium requirements

are specified. In particular it should have a 50,000 seat capacity with full compliance

with latest standards, unimpeded views of the pitch for all spectators, hospitality

facilities and an image and status commensurate with the Club’s standing. The search

area is the wider Liverpool area. Consideration is also given to availability (ie within an

acceptable timeframe), viability (ie will the development work from a funding

perspective) and suitability.


Reference is made to the search for potential stadium sites carried out by Liverpool FC

in recent years. This having been drawn up with contributions from Liverpool, Sefton

and Knowsley Councils. Furthermore, it has been reviewed (and accepted) by

Liverpool City Council in assessing the applications for planning permission for the Club’s

relocation to Stanley Park. The sites examined by Liverpool FC have been

supplemented by 3 additional options identified as a result of publicity around EFC’s

intended move. In total 35 sites have been assessed.


The above bit in bold is a posh way of saying Everton looked at 3 of these sites, the rest were taken from Liverpool's stadium planning application.


The 35 sites with a brief summation of the assessment is provided below:


1. Existing Anfield Stadium Site

Physically too small and unavailable for ownership and current usage reasons.


2. Atlantic and Netherton Industrial Estate

A strategic employment site in Sefton, with recent planning permission for

development and landowners actively pursuing to develop.


3. Central Docks

A stadium would be a suitable development. However, previous planning

permission and policy designations indicate greater value for other uses. New

owners have recently announced a vision for the site incompatible with a stadium.


4. Former Dunlop Site

Ownership precludes availability and its development for a stadium would impact

on strategic investment programmes.


5. Dunnings Bridge Road

Inadequate size.


6. Everton Park

Major urban park protected by planning policies. Development would be difficult

due to geographical constraints and surrounding residential uses.


7. Former Garden Festival Site

Availability constrained as subject to a current call-in inquiry. Ground conditions

constraints and unsuitability because of waters edge location.


8. Garston Dock

Unsuitable and unavailable because of operational dock and new developments.


9. Gillmoss 1A

An important employment land allocation. Heavily dependent on access by private





10. Gillmoss 1B

No remaining developable area for a stadium and surrounding uses would

constrain suitability for a stadium.


11. John Moores / MTL

Owned by NWDA and actively pursued as a retail, employment and residential

area and an extension to Wavertree Technology Park.


12. Kings Dock

No longer available as now comprises an events arena and associated



13. Prescot Road

Potentially suitable in terms of planning policy. However, it is subject top several

constraints – ground contamination, multiple ownership and highway capacity.


14. Land at Speke Boulevard

Potentially suitable for a stadium and good public transport links. However,

constraints relating to highway access and land purchase costs.


15. Speke Northern Airfield

Residual site capable of accommodating a stadium. Lacks adequate profile for a

stadium. No prospect of enabling development. Also, policy constraints as an

important strategic employment site.


16. Stanley Dock

Too small.


17. Stanley Park

Planning permission for Liverpool FC stadium and thus suitable. But, ground

sharing ruled out.


18. Walton Hall Park

An urban park subject to planning policy presumption against development. Impact

on park and soccer facilities could not be adequately mitigated.


19. Wavetree Playground

Considered unsuitable because of potential impact on Conservation Area, access

is uncertain and unavailable without compensatory provision for park facilities.


20. Bestway Site

Unsuitable in terms of size and accessibility.


21. Edge Lane Retail Park

In use and current value militates against a viable development. Highway capacity



22. Aintree Retail Park ./ Long Lane Industrial Estate

Key constraint is multiple tenures making the site unavailable.


23. Stonebridge Cross

Unavailable because of development proposals.


24. Stanley Market

Considered suitable in principle, but close to minimum site are required and

proximity to housing would affect the net developable area.


25. Calderstones Park

Nature conservation interest and historic parkland setting make site unsuitable.


26. Sefton Park

Unsuitable as impact on Conservation Area and listed historic park could not be



27. Newsham Park

Conservation Area, nature conservation interests and proximity to homes makes

the site unviable for a stadium.


28. Sparrow Hall Playing Fields

Accessed through residential area and part of designated countryside and green

space areas.


29. North Shore

Mix of land ownership, existing uses and building (including listed buildings)

militates against forming a coherent site for a suitable stadium.


30. Land at Speke Boulevard

Considered unsuitable by reason of peripheral location, poor accessibility by noncar

modes and proximity to Jaguar plant.


31. Huyton Business Park

Considered suitable but not available as identified as a strategic gateway site and

currently occupied by industrial and business uses. Thus, not viable.


32. Kirkby Stadium

Good accessibility, but site area limited and constrained by houses adjoining.


33. Knowsley Industrial Estate

Constrained by mix of ownerships and tenures and viability issues.


34. Aintree Race Course

Within Green Belt area and operational requirements of the racecourse would

conflict with those of a stadium.


35. Land South of Kirkby Town centre

Identified as available, suitable and viable, although site is designated urban open

space. Capable of redevelopment as part of wider area regeneration. Has good

accessibility by a variety of modes of transport.


The reasons for dismissal of the option of redeveloping at Goodison Park is addressed

in the Everton Football Club Statement (see later section).

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Being from Australia this means nothing to me and i have struggled to grasp the whole issue of Kirkby to be honest. Could someone please explain the situation and fill me in on what is wrong with this Kirkby joint as it seems an unpopular choice.

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Kirkby, once called Kirkby Newtown, is a largish town built on the outskirts of Liverpool in the post war years. It is to the east of the city somewhat.


It is unpopular with many for various reasons. Some I have listed below.


Kirkby is outside Liverpool, the ancestral home of Everton.

A lot of information coming out about the move was not given out before the vote to a new site was taken.

Some people prefer to regenerate Goodison.

Most people seem to want Everton to be the team to stay in Liverpool, after all we were here first.

Some people in Kirkby are unsure about such an ediface as a football stadium being built on their own backyard.

The new ground will be rented by Everton, not owned by them.

Many people do not like the designs of the new stadium.

Many suspect the stadium will plunge the club into deep debt.

Some people are unsure of the tie in with TESCO who are building a supermarket as part of the developement.

Some are afraid that the move will lose Everton it's identity and it's history.


There are probably a few more that slip my mind right now.

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i didn't really know where to post this but this is a kirkby thread so i'll post here...


i was speaking to my dad earlier, and i don't fully understand what he was trying to say

but, in his opinion he can't see everton moving to kirkby. he works for liverpool city council

and according to the people he has spoken to they don't believe everton will move to kirkby

either. my dad was saying something about sefton council and st.helens council objecting

to everton's move because subsequently they will lose money from everton leaving, also

liverpool city council wont want to see us leave if the different councils object the move

my dad said it will lead to a government enquiry which could take up to two years to complete.

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That is pretty much my understanding of it too 'Dank', nice to see you return by the way :)


A lot's happening behind the scenes now, all interested parties involved are lobbying prominent people now, it's up to the government's north west office and Hazell Blears whether the development can go ahead.


We'll find out within the next 15 days if the stadium will be called in for a public inquiry or not.


If it is, several possible outcomes:


it may not happen due to increased costs - no Kirkby stadium

the government will tell Tesco the plans no good and reject it - no Kirkby stadium

the government may approve it - stadium goes ahead at increased costs

the government may approve it - but everton run out of money to fund the deal - no stadium


If it's not, the stadium will go ahead unless Everton can't afford it.


I couldn't tell you which is more likely to happen because everyone's cards are so close to their chests.


Did you ever get your 1933 programme valued?

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Nah not yet, me dad wont get off his arse n dig it out of the loft.

I think hes got a few programmes from back in the day.


Turns out me grandad was good mates with dixie dean and dixie

spoke about him in his last interview before he died, think it might

of been for radio merseyside i wanna try and get a copy of the interview.

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the government may approve it - stadium goes ahead at increased costs



KW sucks money from "future revenue streams" out of moyes transfer budget moyes resigns.



thats not the most pessimistic either, we could get relegated.

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Was listening to Pete Price a few days ago on City Talk on the radio and a fella from Kirkby came on and was saying about the new stadium... and by the sounds of it few people in Kirkiby actually want them to build the stadium and they are saying that Tesco are taking over Krikby by building everywhere possible on there 'green space' as he called it.


Pete disagreed saying that Kirkby is going down the drain and this stadium needs to be built and I totaly agree with Pete but surely it would require a stadium to get Kirkby back on its feet.

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