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Made Me Smile

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My dad popped round yesterday, when the opening fixtures came up in conversation ..

He's Pompey (born and bred) and was moaning about the opening fixtures..


i couldnt rem who portsmouth were playing but he mentioned the start is as bad as last season having to play three of the top teams first up..


anyways, trying to figure out who they were playing i first mentioned Man U and Chelsea (obv).

"Yeah we have Chelsea first up then Man U" - then i rem seeing Portsmouth early on our fixture list .. Everton i asked? ... Yeah then we then play Everton he says!

"3 top teams from the first 3 games .. if were still on 0 points after those i'll not be dissapointed but it leaves more of a struggle to pick yourself up"


he was deadly serious .. normally we'll have more of a banter but having taken him to GP a couple times last season (his first time at GP for about 8 yrs i think - one was Man U where he actually came i think to see a Ronaldo display but left quite impressed with our own Mr Hibbert for keeping the lad quiet) and the final game of the season v the toon (my mums a geordie so that performance made us both smile!.. plus it was an awesome display)


-he's certainly seeing the improvements in our club .. and is not one to placate someone

..from the usual "ah thats an easy 3 points for us then" jibes to him calling us "one of the top clubs" and being worried for his clubs start... Made me smile inside anyway ( i didnt want to gloat! ;) )

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