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How Do We Go Forward?

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Going back to the houses mentioned earlier.


I remember when LFC built the new Kemlin road stand there was a lot of people who lived there before they knocked down the houses. Nobody was forced out though. Liverpool merely bought up the property as it became available and when they had what they wanted they pressed ahead with the plans.


Surely that is the same with Everton?


I do not see people being forced out of their homes for the sake of a football stadium. People live there? Well ok so they do, but they will be asked to leave not forced to.


Anyone who wishes to stay there will do so as far as I can see.


And as already stated there are a lot of places around the ground anyway.


However that is all beside the point.


Does Everton have ownership, or the rights to, enough space around the ground at the moment? The longer it takes to gain this land, if Everton are to remain at Goodison, the longer it will be before we can rebuild Goodison.


Be a bit pointless to rebuild the stadium piecemeal.

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Rubecula, I don't know how much land the club owns around Goodison Park, the Liverpool City Council have tried to contact the club to discuss it but have been rebuffed a few times.


This is the content of an email sent to all Liverpool Councillors and MPs:


You may recall that some years ago when I had responsibility for this I made continual efforts to get Everton to come and talk with the Council. After a year without even getting an acknowledgment I gave up. Liverpool replied to the initial letter within hours of receiving it.


Cllr Richard Kemp


I disagree with you on the piecemeal (I think "incremental" sounds better than piecemeal, piecemeal sounds like something just tossed together for the sake of it ;) ) basis though, I would rather the club take on smaller more manageable loans for building any new stadium sections. It may cost more in the long run but it is lower risk.


Examples of stadiums developed on an incremental basis include Old Trafford, Villa Park, St. James Park and Croke Park.

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