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Whos Goin The Boozer To Watch The Game

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Zed    1

Its on prem plus, saturday tea time, so I for one am off to the boozer and then hopefully a night on the town


Is anyone actually going :huh: (rowlo? goldfish?)


If not are you off the pub with a few mate to get a bit of atmosphere



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yes i am.


i've got a match of my own (yes i'm a top left midfield player in Guernsey's business league divison 2) at 2pm then it'll be off to the pub with the team till 5 when i'll meet up with the old man at the local Everton supporters pub to see us wollop the skunks by a mighty 1 goal to nill.


no more goals desired by myself, i've money on both the 1-0 win and a scorecast of 1-0 win, beattie scoring the goal. 36 to 1 if your interested! 1-0 is 9/1.

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long train journey for me to get up to the barcodes :angry::angry:


leave at 11:55 at Lime Street, then stop at Manchester Piccadilly, then stop off at York before finally making it into Newcastle at 15:30


there again the journey is usually a laugh especially on the trains :D:D:D

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