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Some of you may remember from a few months back how my girlfriends little lad had been introduced to footy..(by me) and had


chosen Everton as his team.I'm a Spurs fan but thought ''what the heck'' its his choice,and him being only 4 would probably change his mind etc.


Well nothing of the sort has happened....he proclaims he is Everton everywhere we go,has got me to print pics off the internet of the players to put on his


wall and the other day according to his mum jumped out of bed and shouted '' Everton (little punching gesture) get in''.


It's his birthday in September and I have brought him the home kit ...


He keeps asking when Everton are playing next and is counting the days till the season starts on a chart on his wall..


Some of my mates have said I should have got him a Spurs kit...but he is really into his footy and Everton at the moment..so see no need not to nurture


his passion....also as all fans know in years to come the club we support usually do their best to test our faith ...


All the best for the new season .....


Gav the Yid...(on behalf of Conor the Blu)

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