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Gallery - Everton Pictures Thread

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one of the best atmospheres ive encounted at Goodison....




we got beat but the glwadys was electric that night








what a day

Who is that slap head in the back of the ferguson pic lol.

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Thought I would start a pictures thread and we can pin it if it gets going


So, post your fave Everton pictures here, old, new, borrowed and BLUE.


Heres my favourite from the recent past :)





I'm after a large picture of Duncan Ferguson to turn into a pop art canvas for my new 'sports room' at my new pad...


I have an everton etched window, signed shirts on the wall... just want a decent picture of the only 'near' legend that we have had over the last 15 years.

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Few more bits from my big box of stuff (clearing out the attic), and one very recent but historic prog :) . Prices changed a bit from the first one, and amazing that (if you were quick enough) anyone could get a ticket from these people. Got it through ESCLA, but I don't know if they arranged it.









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Bate borisov v everton Europa league 1 / 10 09 minsk


1.efc__1254419231_Squad_450.jpg 2.efc__1254419490_Cahill_Maksim-Borda.jpg


3.efc__1254419717_yak-krivets-450.jpg 4.efc__1254420089_fans-in-dinamo_450.jpg


5.efc__1254421082_Jo-injury_450.jpg 6.efc__1254421082_Jo-injury_450.jpg


7.efc__1254421194_Jo_450.jpg 8.efc__1254422786_felli_goal_450.jpg


9.efc__1254422998_fellaini-celebrates.jpg 10.efc__1254414324_A-fan-displaying-hi.jpg


1.Everton's players line up ahead of the clash with FC BATE

2.Maksim Bordachov keeps a close eye on Tim Cahill

3.Yakubu tussles with Sergei Krivets

4.Blues fans inside the Dinamo Stadium

5.Jo looks in agony as he holds his knee - but he was okay to continue

6.Leon Osman fends off Aleksandr Pavlov

7.Jo goes in for an aerial battle with goalscorer Dmitri Likhtarovich

8.Marouane Fellaini pulls Everton level

9.The drenched Belgian celebrates his goal

10.A fan displaying his tickets

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Been waiting for an excuse to dust off this treat of for ages.


Made this a cple years ago & I did have the seasons before

kit chick laid out as a gif as well as an Englnad jobbie.........


Ill keep searchin......... biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif




I thought this deserved to be bumped. rofl.gif

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