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Football FanCast columnist Will Johnson feels that the Premier League is getting back to its competitive best and can see a breach of the top4 next season.


If there is one thing that I love about pre-season then it is the air of optimism that surrounds the football supporter. New signings and strips bring renewed vigour among everyone, past failings seem something of a distant memory and you renew your season tickets in the hope that finally fortunes are about to change. It is the same no matter what league you play in and that is one of the great beauties of football that it always comes round again.


I'm personally just a lover of football and have no affiliation with any team, but I firmly believe that we are in for one of the best Premier League seasons we have seen in years. I don't buy into the scaremongers who say that England's elite have turned it into a glorified SPL as last season proved that the Premiership was back to its competitive best, not only in the title race, but the battle for European football. Why I understand the reason of the SPL comparison, to suggest that the gap between the top4 and the rest cannot be breached is completely short sighted. I look down the League table and for me there are three teams that should consider themselves a great outside bet to break into the top4 in Everton, Tottenham and Aston Villa; clubs very much in the ascendency and all have the capabilities.


I think it is great for football that three of English football's great bastions have found their way back among the Premier League elite. I appreciate that Spurs League campaign was poor last season, but the Carling Cup success shows the team can be competitive and with the acquisition of Gomes, Dos Santos and Modric shows that under Juande Ramos they mean business. Everton once again proved to be great competitors last season and you do feel with a bit more good fortune, with injuries and refereeing decisions, should have been playing Champions League football next season; while Martin O'Neill has performed minor miracles in two seasons at Villa Park and with one or two inspired acquisitions will certainly be in the mix next season.


So how do the respective club fans feel about their chances and am, I wrong to believe that one of your teams could break into the top4? Which one of the three has the best chance to bridge the gap? Or is next season premature for either side to make the step up?

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