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Echo: Wyness Was Out Of Touch

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HOW has it come to this? How can the Premier League’s fifth best team from last season find itself embroiled in the middle of pantomime two weeks before the new campaign?


This should have been a time when all that was needed was a tweak here and there before Everton set about trying to bustle up the top four, but events since Tuesday have left many supporters feeling that their beloved club is about to implode.


The sudden departure of Keith Wyness, coupled with comments of David Moyes made after a bitterly disappointing performance against Chicago Fire, has allowed conspiracy theorists and most fearsome critics of the club to have free rein.


As we live in a democratic society that allows everyone to have an opinion, there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but for those who simply believe Bill Kenwright is the man to blame for everything wrong at Goodison Park, it is best you stop reading now.


Royal Blue is not going to try and paint a picture that everything in the Goodison Park garden is rosy because - quite clearly - it isn’t. Wyness’ decision to quit opened the curtains to the fact that there is trouble at t’mill.


The anti-Kenwright camp are of the opinion that Wyness had to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword.


This column would never dream of telling people what to think, so we will simply highlight a couple of things that have emerged since his resignation was accepted and ask you to draw your own conclusions on the day-to-day running of the club under Wyness.


Firstly, if you are not aware, a story emerged a couple of weeks ago about Liverpool doing a deal to hire the Goodison Marquee on match days when Everton were away from home to entertain corporate supporters.


Had it been published on April Fool’s Day, we all may have had a snigger because surely neither side would entertain such a preposterous idea but, much to everyone’s utter amazement, it was true.


How out of touch can all those who were involved in talks from both sides of Stanley Park be? Wyness was heavily involved in those talks. Do you think, then, this shows him to be in touch with the feelings of Evertonians?



Secondly, let us look at what has happened with him being linked to taking a similar role at Real Mallorca. “No chance,” said British entrepreneur, and close friend of Wyness, Paul Davidson, the man who has just bought that Spanish side.


Further comments from Mr Davidson, however, are slightly more revealing.


He went on: “Keith’s a great friend of mine but when buying tiles you talk to the people who know about tiles. Keith Wyness has been advising me about this (Real Mallorca) all the way.


“The deal would not have happened at Real Mallorca without him. He has given advice and assistance. He has not been asked to join the club.”


Granted, Wyness has had some annual leave in recent months but do multi-million pound deals to buy football clubs just happen overnight? Of course not. They take months of planning and talking.


And that begs the question: Was the advice he offered done so when he should have been concentrating on matters close to home, namely finding a suitable location for a new ground with the doubts hovering over the Destination Kirkby Project?


Wyness had little input into footballing matters. The men who matter most in that field are - as has always been the case - Moyes and Kenwright.


Moyes’ comments post-Chicago Fire may have caused alarm and unnecessary panic - how else do you explain the fact his odds to be the first manager to quit tumbled throughout Thursday? - but anyone still worrying should take this on board.


Moyes told a packed pub full of Evertonians in Chicago on Tuesday that he was close to signing his contract.


Yes, Moyes must make quick decisions about which new players he is going to bring in, and it is easy to see why assumptions are being made that everything is about to come crashing down around their ears.


Everyone has known that this was going to be one of the most pivotal summers in the club’s recent history an it beggars belief that a new signing has not yet been brought in; someone, somewhere needs to have a look at themselves.


Things might not be perfect behind the scenes at Goodison - the same could be said about every club - but it is nowhere near as chaotic as a few would have you believe.


Who knows? The last week may even turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


I think the truth has been stretched but overall I agree with it, it's just a shame that this wasn't printed whilst Wyness was still at the club, it all seems a bit spineless to me.

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I dunno if I agree with the spineless bit Louis. I think it is more of a hindsight thing.


Hindsight would be wonderful if we could have it at the start. In this case if we had known about the real mallorca stuff when the negotiations began. Of course we couldn't know about it as business is always kept (rightly so I think) away from the public until sorted out.


I think it would be nice if we could know what each of the directors of the club think about a ground move, individually and not collectively. We could then perhaps understand a little of the thought processes that are pushing this deal.

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