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Our Midfield

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I was just thinking about the centre of the park today.


If we do sign Moutiniho then we will surely have one of the best midfields in the prem, right?


I mean, Pienaar, Cahil, Moutiniho, Arteta looks good at any club dont it?


I would imagine The Yak would be very happy for it :D


i think we are in need of a new holding midfielder though, Lorik Cana would be my choice - bit of a nutter that one is, but there are plenty of alternatives and Moyes has done enough to gain our trust in the transfer market, hasn't he?


we need a right back too..


so is it general consensus that RB, DM are our priorities for this year?


but if money allows a luxury(moutiniho) MC?(dont forget Osman, and Van Der Meyde, who may actually be good - if he ever plays).


or is this just where I personally, feel the team needs stregnthening?

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I think we can live without a new RB, Neville can do a job there - what we really need is a DM, a creative and quality CM and then we now need another striker desperately. I think we could do with cover on the wing as well, but if we get two CM's, one of whom is defensive and another striker then I'm happy, anything else is a bonus.

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I think a holding midfielder is essential because the only othere alternative is to play Philip Neville there....and nobody wants to see that again...


Another proven striker to accompany the Yak is vital, Vaughn is still learning and Big Vic only seems to turn up when he feels like, maybe more competition will help him?


This Moutiniho is a great prospect but I just hope Bill and Davey arnt hedging all their bets on this one player, fuck it up and just be left with Alan Smith :blink:


I'm with Newdy with the RB idea, Neville can do a job there and Hibbert isnt bad cover but if were going to push forward we need to stop settling for players like the two mentioned, no offence to either of them but there not the sort of players that are going to help us win tropies! IF we had the money I think this position would also have to be addressed.


Lets hope they have something up their sleeves cos it isnt looking too good at the minute.


NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM....Lets hope they adhere to this and get the best we can in.

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