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went down to the toffee shop yesterday to buy a couple of t shirts4myhols next week two 4 the price of one on any blue star range...excellent might as well give my money to the blues as some high st store ...well happy.

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Altough they are now telling me that 2 of the 4 items are not in stock.


I phoned up to query why I did not get my 10% discount for using my Everton credit card which is when they told me that 2 of the iems were not in stock and they would credit my card.


I phoned back about 5 minutes later and asked if I could have the shirt I wanted in a different colour. They told me that both colours (the one I ordered and the one I wanted) was showing as in stock but they would check and come back to me.


That was at 2pm today (told me they had to wait til someone came back from lunch.


They told me that the 2 items that was in stock had been posted today but they couldn't answer why did noone phone me and tell me that the stuff I wanted and was told was in stock was infact not in stock and ask if I wanted the other colour instead of just giving me the money back


Its now 5.25 and no call back so have just phoned up to find out what is going on and got a message saying the store is now closed as opening times are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. So I am now going to have a word with my boss and find out why he has changed all the clocks and pcs in the office to only say 5.25.


Sorry that is my moan over.

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