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The Good Ol' Days

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fifty years ago as everton fans we would be optomistic about the new season. good manager, good players and plenty of bright prospects in the youth team.

what's happened to the game so that now the only thing that will make us happen is expensive european players and lots of money? i mean the squad we are fielding tomorow is the kind of squad that sir alex fergusson fielded when he made scholes, phil and gary neville, beckham and giggs household names, wasn't it this kind of chelsea squad redknapp fielded that made terry and lampard what they are today? Isnt this the kind of arsenal squad that made fabregas, ashley cole, bendter what they are today? who knows maybe in the next ten years juckiewitz will be the new rooney and john paul kissock will be england's playmaker?

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50 years ago everton had more than 16 pros, and more than ten of them were match fit



Quite right Steve and we had hope. back in the 60's when John Moore's made Harry Catterrick manager he under wrote the clubs debts to the tune of £200,000. Because of this we got labeled the Merseyside Millionaires by the southern press, Christ JM would roll over in his grave if he saw the sums being thrown around now!

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