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Egm Minutes - Questions And Answers

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I didn't agree with the way he behaved either to be honest.


This is an interesting bit:


Warren Bradley:


First and foremost, I'm not here to make statements. I'm here to ask questions. I missed the presentation unfortunately. I'm here to ask questions about some of the answers I've heard. Can I just say, firstly, LCC objected to destination Kirkby solely on retail on development grounds based around planning policy: national, local and regional planning policy.


We believe that there's a contravention in the planning application. On a point before Sir Philip said about Scotland Rd. in 2006, there was some dialogue held with Tescos and Everton Football Club about a site on Scotland Rd. I was leader of the council at that time and have been heavily involved in Project Jennifer, which has been an integral part of the redevelopment of north Liverpool, esp. Scotland Rd.


Throughout that, Tescos have been an active partner, up till a couple of weeks ago. Can I ask when did Everton Football Club approach LCC, who are the accountable body?


Alternatively, when did Tescos or their agents go to LCC about Everton Football Club looking at a site on Scotland Rd?


Because, as leader of this city, I'm not aware of it and I don't believe any of the officers of council are aware of it who've led on the Project Jennifer application and subsequent approval that we are moving on with.


Someone on the board: What's the question Warren? <-- Bill Kenwright said that.


Warren Bradley: When or who had dialogue over a site in 2006, as Sir Philip mentioned before, about a site on Scotland Rd. The first time Scotland Rd. was mentioned, the Bestway site, was in a meeting that I had with Bestway who were looking to relocate from the tunnel trumpet site for expansion.


They were looking at other sites in north Liverpool, around the Vauxhall Rd. area. We seem to now have secured that. It was at that point that the Bestway tunnel trumpet site became an option and some work was done, in feasibility by LCC and Bestway, to see if a football ground could actually be delivered in that location. So when, in 2006, did Tesco approach LCC, or Everton Football Club to LCC about a site on Scotland Rd.?


Bill Kenwright: All I can tell you is that the conversations you and I have had about Bestway, which confirm to what you just said.


Audience: Then answer the question.


Bill Kenwright: I've answered part of the question, I'm asking Philip to answer the 2006 question.


Sir Philip Carter: I think, you'll have to go back here Warren, to remember, err, Keith, who was at that stage our Chief Executive....[couldn't answer further]


Warren Bradley walks away.

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Only halfway through but Paul Cook comes across as a bit of a prick, but that's my personal opinion...


I'm with you EW, he's one big mouth barrack room lawyer if you ask me mate. Why he objected to moyes being there, no wonder the boss hasn't signed his contract with people like that wanting a say in running the club

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