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Proud New Everton Fan

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post-3884-1222506215_thumb.jpgHi all,


Few months ago I told you all that my girlfriends little lad had chosen Everton as his team..he's 4 today and has stuck with the toffees.


So I,as a tight yid (spurs fan)...went online and spent my hard earned in your club shop....


He loves his everton stuff and whenever we are in a sports shop and he sees the kit he points at the badge and the tower and proudly proclaims..''that is evertons house.


As you know my lot are having a poor start to the season....lets hope both our clubs with there proud traditions and loyal fans can get back to where they should be...


All the best


Gav the yid


and Conor the toffee

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Thanks for the update Gav...looks a highly intelligent little lad!


Is that a calculator in his hand (trying to work out how many goals we're going to score today :P )?


Happy birthday Conor!

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