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Mini Derby

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Vic and JV both playing tonight in quite a strong looking team....














Goal-less at the mo but, "Carlo Nash's first action was to deal with a tricky backpass from Lee Molyneux, all the former Wigan man could do was head the ball out for a corner as it skidded off the slick playing surface."


I do like a goalie who can improvise :lol: .

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Great game, just watched it, one thing i noticed was a british everton side ;) (mainly), and argentines, italians, french and "Spanish" players all over liverpool, :mellow: carlo nash never had the best game, when he dropped the ball for their first goal i was shocked, and to think that people want him to be our number one goalie is laughable. great game by Kissock and Molyneux and a great goal by him, nice to see some young talent coming through. another thing is Gosling, didnt we pay 2 million for him, and he is only in the reserves, oh well he didnt have a bad game. great comeback too, some edge of the seat stuff ;) .

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Watched the match last night, am glad that I stuck with it, especially after a dull 1st half and then conceding 2 goals. Went from one extreame to the other, first angry that the foul on Anichebe was not a penalty, then amazed and happy at Molyneux's freekick, then pissed off with the ref that he let Liverpool kick-off straight away. With the amount of cards he was showing to the Everton lads I wouldn't be suprised to hear he was a red.


Anyway good result, Baxter looked poor, best moment was his attempt to volley the ball and just booted it in the air and it somehow stayed in, however looked solid defensively. Akpan looked good and Kissock looked in a class of his own. Had lost faith in Vaughany in resent times, but reignited the flame last night. A good result.

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Commentary team weren't at all biased were they :rolleyes: ? Must have come from Liverpool TV.


Even the ref looked to be on their side with that premature kick-off.


Blinding free-kick from Molyneux (don't quite know how their first one got in though)....and nice to see Stubbsy on the bench.

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