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Yobo, Stubbs & Weir

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I know stubbs and weir have done well the past few games, but I also said that as soon as yobo was back from the african cup of nations that it was important for him to get straight back in the side, regardless of their form.....

against decent sides the old-timers will almost always be shown up as they were yesterday.....

what's more, if I were yobo and being kept out by those two I would not hesitate to tell moyes to f*ck off, and leave in the summer.....

some players (when fit) should be picked automatically regardless of the particular circumstances and in Everton's case yobo is one of them.....


a bad mistake, and I'll say what I've said on numerous occassions: we're going to struggle to keep him anyway for next season so let's not give him any reason to WANT to leave.

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Agree with you 100% Raccyboy.

Moyes is loyal to a fault, I remember earlier in the season he left out a fit Arteta when he was returning from suspension and we went on to lose the match. Van der Meyde should also have been brought back into the starting line-up ahead of Kilbane. Bottom line is there isn't a football manager on the planet who would choose Weir and Kilbane over Yobo and Van der Meyde!


For me Yobo is one of the top 3 centre backs in the EPL and I would personally like to see us making him captain for next season and building our defence around him.


As for Richard Wright he should never be in goals for Everton we are serious about becoming a top 6 club. Last week he gifted Villa a soft goal and his reward was to be kept in ahead of Turner - whi can't be any worse. He was at fault for the second goal and that effectively killed of the match for us. Its not the first time he has come charging off his line, chasing a ball he will never get to first, exposing his goal and gifting the opposition a soft goal.


I would like to see us bring in Dudek from across Stanley Park.

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did you see yobo sat on the bench on saturday?


he looked bloody pissed off everytime they showed him!


how longs valente out for? the second goal was the fault of naysmith for his poor defending and wright for his poor keeping, garcia shouldn't have been allowed through so easily.

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all defenders screw u from time to time. on saturda it was the usually reliable hibbet that allowd the kewell goa.


yobo is far from perfect. the superb bac pass to rooney in the manu game is legendary.


when moysey thinks he's ready he'll be back. not before!

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Ferrari and Yobo are the future


however we have to applaud our performance since Stubbs came back in January


5 most inform teams in 2006 are:

1. Dirty reds

2. True Blues

3. Blackburn

4. Scummy Devils

5. Chelsea


We need another young defender to partner Ferrari to improve even more

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