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An Interesting Read (the Link Bit... Not My Two Cents Haha)

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Most Crosses Mikel Arteta (Everton) 152


Creators Team Assists Key Passes

Arteta Everton 5 41





I havnt been on this for a while so forgive me if this has already been discussed.


It would be interesting to see how many of the 152 crosses were sucessful....


I am one of Mikky's biggest fans but for the last season and a half he just hasnt looked the same player. Last season it was understood due to his injury that he played through but this year is there an excuse for the amount of wasted corners/freekicks/chances to get the ball into the box?


O.K, he set up the equaliser on Sunday but I lost count of the amount of times he sent the ball to short or tried to take on a man he had already beat then pass it backwards anyway. Its not the first game hes done this aswell. All season (and most of last) his corners have failed to beat the first man. The first time he got the ball into the mixer from a corner in the second half it caused all sorts of problems.


His deliveries in his first couple of seasons were first rate. He corners always caused problems and he was not afraid to take on the full back and whip in a superb cross.



Is Moyes instructing him to deliver the ball short?


Is he stil struggling for an injury?


His positional play on Sunday was pretty shocking as well but that could be Moyes' tactics; if it was he needs to change them as we played most of the match with four central midfielders...shocking.



Like I said before, I really like Arteta, its just baffling that the best little spaniard we know has turned into a very mediocre player at the minute. I know he could do with more support from the rest of the midfield, better movement from the strikers but he played with alot worse than the team that was played on sunday and has stole the show...COME BACK MIKKY!!

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