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The planning inspector was not there but her assistants were filling in for her.


They cross examined the Everton Tesco planning expert and he was torn apart! I don't think that's me being bias either, the assistant was relentless.


He criticised the design of the retail park and intimated that it would take trade away from the existing town centre, he said that the proposed footpath to be called 'Everton Way' leading to the stadium looked more like a alley way.


He also has concerns about the stadiums effect on nearby houses.


The houses 7metres tall are to be located near a stadium that is 34metres tall with some masts up to 48metre. The residents who live near where the site is have been told they will need bigger windows fitted to their houses to allow for enough sunlight to pass sunlight tests.


The planning expert being cross examined said it didn't matter about a few of the houses because Tesco owned them, the assistant inspector said they were still living accommodation so it doesn't matter who the landlord is.


With regards to the CABE report he said that design taste was subjective and he disagreed with the report and he infact liked the design.

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