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Shirt Memories

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Got some truly great memories both football and personal along with my Everton shirts.


Most notable...


Away NEC shirt bought 20 mins after the final whistle against Wimbledon in '94.

Wife gave me home one2one on our wedding day (and my 40th) in 2000....total surprise, showed she understood, bless her :) .

Away shirt bought on the morning of the 3-0 Goodison derby in '06.


Yesterday my new away shirt arrived. Hopefully that particular memory association will fade :( . Love the shirt though, first long sleeved one I've had since I was a kid. Coat's great also.


Anyone got any stories? Good or bad.

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I have the 2005 Goalkeeper's Home Shirt from the Everton Acadamy when I was playing there in 2007-2008.


My first ever Everton shirt was the blue Danka on which I think we used around the 1994 period, I can't remember off the top of my head and wore it around the house on matchday when I was learning to walk. My first shirt with a name on the back was the first ever Chang one, where I had my name and the number 7 for Marcus Bent :)


I have the white away shirt that I bought when Cahill scored his first goal against Manchester City. I bought it, had his name on the back and then listening to the radio coming home from JJB Sports it said that he had scored :P


I have Arteta, Cahill & Neville on my shirts now so none of my shirts are from ex-players yet :)

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