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Stadium - Artist Impression

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Yeah because nobody would have to run to catch a train/bus if we stay Liverpool or remain at Goodison!!!!



if you read the documents, currently Goodison has one of the best dispersal rates and people have a multitude of options to get home, walk to the car, get the soccerbus/bus to lime street, walk to kirkdale/bank hall or a combination of these etc. Its a system that they've had working for years and it works. With a ground move that whole infrastructure is removed and replaced by one as good as the club claim, it is untested. by the time i'd be home from Goodison i may just be able to see the platform at kirkby according to that transport plan. Add to this if its raining or like the cold snap we're having currently, you cannot deny, that for fans its almost a punishment.



which although a little sidetracked brings me to my point, that the 2nd image of aesthetics should be removed from the planning applications because it fails to bring functional value to the practicality of the stadium.

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