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Cahill Desperation 2 Leave Shock..!

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Pat    2

Gutted, speechless...From Todays Sydney morning Herald.




Cahill's Agony


By Aaron Timms

April 1, 2006

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Australian Starlet Tim Cahill has today stunningly revealed to smh readers his desperation to leave his current premeirship club.


Cahill, speaking at this weeks Socceroos World cup launch, went on to reveal that his family is desperately unhappy and that a likely move back to the nations capital would be in place before the highly anticipated world cup tournament begins.


Candidly, Cahill admitted for the sake of his family that a move simply had to be instigated.


Smh is also aware that Cahill will take up to a 25% pay cut to link with recently promoted Reading FC for the new season.


Eveton Fc and Cahill are expected to finalise the 2.5 million pounds move to Reading prior to the player leaving for international commitments.


Cahill from a large western suburbs Sydney family is well renowned for curtailing his own ambitions for the sake of both his distant and immediate young family.


Father of two, Cahill went on to say that whilst his time at Everton had fulfilled and enhanced his footballing opportunities, any departure in a footballing sense would infact be bitter sweet, however Cahill emphatically stated that "My Family are my number one priority".







I dont even want to deal with that.

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What's going on? for some reason i don't really believe this i mean they've only actually quoted timmy once saying his family are his number one priority but aren't all are familes that. Scary though as it has come out of the syd. morning herald that aren't really one for paper talk and 2.5 million you've got to be kidding i really hope this isn't true.

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would £2.5 M be enough? i'd have thought about £4 M more likely.


he's a good squad player but he isnt inspiring and he isnt that prolific.


i'd take £4 M for him any day!




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...wasn't worried for a moment...did you see his reaction after his goal at Analfield(stupid thing to say..of course you did)?


Anyone else you might have had me going Pat..try harder next yaer :D .

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can honestly said i was never fallin for it for a second, 2.5 was jus a joke lol


but as poeple have said cahill isnt that great anyway... hes good in the air he scores a few goals but as a midfielder he doesnt have much to his game at all.... hes no mikel

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