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Romey 1878

Hall Of Fame Ballot

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He's a true blue, but he's not been our best player. He deserves credit for what he has done but he's not the best. I can name a few above him, I think that with the whole package that comes with his name he'd have got soem votes. If you mention Duncan you think of Everton, he was kinda' the face of our club at a certain point.


I went for:

Kenwright (Because of what he has done for us in the past)

Campbell (When he first came he was good, and I was born in 93' so I will be voting for the newer players)

Unsworth (One of the players at Everton that I really loved watching, great guy)

Martyn (I'm a goalkeeper. And Martyn & Howard have been both an inspiration and a joy to watch)

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A lot of people must have got the 'Big Dunc' DVD for christmas (me included!). I didn't vote but having watched that I could imagine many young minds being influenced.


It mentions Gary Lineker not being in top 10 - that doesn't shock me, okay he was shit-hot for us, but only for a season - Big Dunc was good (awesome a times) for us but he wore the badge for a decade - Big Dunc is twice the Goodison legend in comparison.


Also you've got to think about who's voting - I was born in 82' so going since about 89' here's my favourite players (what I've seen):


Big Nev






Subs: Martyn, Stubbs, Lescott, Arteta, Limpar, Stuart, Rooney (obviously with a massive pinch of salt!)


Most people who have voted would probably be younger than me so take big nev, watson and mccall out - then big dunc's the obvious choice!

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Having seen the list I'm not surprised Big Dunc won, he's been the cult figure for the last decade and the poll is on heroes - so he would have probably got my vote (along with the pie man!)

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