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Everton Fc & Kirkby

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Hellow felow Evertonians,


Just wondering if you could take 2 mins to take the questionnaire below, i m a mad everton fan (season ticket holder), go to most away matches and have decided to do my University dissertation on the proposed ground move to Kirkby, just trying to get feelings of other Evertonians.


Just click the link below, 2 mins, no spam.





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Thanks to everyone you did the questionanire. If anyone has any ideas how to change the questions, make it better, all your views welcome


In response to MikeO, mainly from a Evertonian, Kirby Resident point of view,


Romey 1878, yes its part of my final submission, already done the first part. but agreed i am cutting it fine. :huh:


Just apprecaite everyones help.


PS, cheers to the guy , who told me that my questinnaire sucked, honesty the best policy.



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