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Cahill Fighting With The Rs Fans Sat Night

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Cheeky cu*ts!!


The story reads on icLivepool that a glass or bottle was thrown at him while leaving after an argument! What a bunch of wa*kers have they got nothing better to do?


Fans, Hooligans, Piss heads whatever they were they must be realy proud of themselves for kicking off on one lad and throwing glasses at him. Funny how they all keep their mouths shut unless theres a firm of them, whats their reccord in the last few weeks? Pissing on mancs, attacking an ambulance, knife fights in manchester and throwing glasses at players!


They still want half the fucking country to grind to a standstill and morn 96 innocent fans every year when they act like that. Think they should take a look at their consciences and stop acting like pricks every time they go the football!


Dirty red scum bags.

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