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Semi Final Ticket Scammer

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I was tempted by the post about spare tickets, but it turns out that this is a scam from a long running scammer.


I've been in contact with Erocsevil, I was having problems posting last night, so I asked Louis to forward my details on to him. He came back this morning with an email to me asking to ring him after 11.30 The number he gave is 07729 901208, and his email address was Vauxhall2@live.co.uk.

Just google either the address, or the mobile number, and you will find out some very interesting things. It appears he has been scamming people up and down the country for at least the past year. Excuse the link to a RS website, but have a look here




He Goes by the name Chris Howard, but it seems his real name is Amrik Gill. According to the forum in the link, he was arrested last year, but let off with a caution, and told to pay people back. The daft sod keeps using the same fone number and email addresses, so it's not hard to find him out, even if he does now say he is in Cardiff.

I will be very interested to hear what he has got to say for himself when i ring him, but he's got no chance of getting any money off me!


Please do not deal with anybody who uses these email addys, mobile number, or names. It is not just here he is trying it on, he is on many other fansites, aswell as Craigslist and gumtree etc etc.





On the other hand...If anyone has got GENUINE spares, please PM me, i'm going to Wembley on Sunday regardless as I work in London with the Navy, but i'd much rather have a ticket before I go! (i'll be checking my PM's even on Sunday morning!)


Cheers all.



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He offers 4 tickets for sale ...

He uses an excuse that he had a death in the family and he must go to Ireland for the funeral.

He then asks for you to go and get a voucher from William Hills Bookmakers and to tell him the reference number.

He can then go collect the cash claiming he lost his ticket.....

He used the name "James murphy82" on our forum ...

The phone number he gave to someone is ... 07729 901208 ...


I googled his phone number and got this from a Liverpool Forum. It seems that he getting quite a name for himself for being a scamming bastard. I really hope he joins this forum, that would be a laugh and he dosen't seem too bright. The stories about him show that he's failed on many attempts at what he does. :lol:

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Guest efctaxi

This is the guy who can't make up his mind about which team he supports right ? ;)


His IP addresss will show up in the admin control panel , and can be then checked to see where he is and if it's a proxy IP .


Amrik Gill

Bank Details:


Sort Code:




175 Manley Road


M21 0GY


Mobile number: 07729901208


Apparantly all the details are correct except for the address .

An IP check will help if he is silly enough not to cover his ass .

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Guest efctaxi
What a hybrid, we have a Spurs / Citeh / United come RS ticket touting ponce, cap seems to fit him well and truly, ban him :huh:


Don't ban / delete his account untill you get his IP :)

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