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THIEVES desperate for a ticket for Everton’s FA Cup semi-final tried to break into the Goodison Park ticket office.


Three men, dressed all in black, smashed their way through a door and then a customer service hatch.


But they were left stumped after discovering all the tickets for this weekend’s Wembley trip had been sent out.


Everton take on Manchester United in the second FA Cup semi-final, kicking off at 4pm on Sunday.


For the Blues’ first outing to Wembley in 14 years, their full allocation of around 31,000 tickets has been sold and those left without have been looking to the black market to ensure they do not miss the occasion.


The club sold the allocation on a sliding scale, dependant on the number of matches attended, and then put the last chunk to a ballot, leaving thousands of supporters disappointed as they missed out.


Police were called to Goodison Park at around 11.30pm on Wednesday.


The thieves had smashed glass in the ticket office, in Goodison Road, and tried to squeeze their hand through a slot to get at a stack of white envelopes, which they thought contained tickets for the game.


But with no tickets around, they were forced to flee empty-handed.


Ian Ross, Everton’s director of communications, said: “These people must be contenders for Britain’s dumbest criminals.


“All the tickets have sold out and been sent out.


“They are not the brightest when they wait until all the tickets have gone and then try to break in.


“We think it is either kids or someone very desperate for a semi-final ticket.”


A Merseyside police spokesman said CCTV from around the ground was now being looked at and officers were carrying out house-to-house inquiries in the area.

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OMG, how that can even come to someones mind... go into game with stolen tickets...seriously....omg. and it would been 100% that they would get gaught of usint those tickets...what a bunch of jackasses

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That's really stupid like the policeman said. If your going to break in and get a ticket then at least get one when they're actually on sale. Breaking in now is just pointless, and they've risked going to jail now for bugger all. If they get caught it would be a pretty lame thing to go down for. The nobs of this world eh?


It's just a shame that they are Evertonians :mellow:

Britaints Dumbest Criminal 2009 are Evertonain(s)

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