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Phil Mcnulty Article

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That is a good one Mark....I've been scouring the papers this morning to get a few different views. This is an interesting bit from the Independent report (acknowledging our penalty claim) which I'm surprised hasn't had more coverage, I guess it might have done if we'd lost...


"The two moments of controversy centred upon penalty appeals for both teams, which were devilishly hard to call definitively, even with the benefit of television replays. The referee Mike Riley should probably have given them both but they were horrendously close. The first came when Rafael da Silva put an arm across the chest of Steven Pienaar in the area on 37 minutes and might have impeded the run of the midfielder.


That decision might have been playing on Riley's mind when he turned down Welbeck's tumble on 68 minutes as he went past Howard and Jagielka in the area. Did Jagielka trip Welbeck? Yes, the United man was changing direction at speed and the replay - enhanced and slowed down - showed that Welbeck's thigh made contact with Jagielka. The Everton man admitted as much."


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