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Lower Gwladys

The Best Song Of The Day

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cant hear to clearly, but how concerned do the police an the stewards look?


They all went nuts in the second half and ran and surrounded the pitch on all sides. Infact when i think about it they had a bit of a day on their hands after everyone went nuts under the stand before the game and launched all there ale everywhere again then all held onto eachother and jumped up and down chanting Labone, Labone for the next half an hour.


They had to send the horses into the carpark after the match too but that was a bit of an overreaction IMO.

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Did you video that?


If you did you were sat just behind me to the left (shit game apart from downstairs before and the last 15 mins).


No i didnt video it Goldy.

I was on the 5th row by the corner flag.


Outside before the game was good aswel.


"Arteta, Arteta, Arteta, Arteta"

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