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Rodwell U21 Call-up

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There's some good players in that squad who could certainly do a job at us:


Hart (competition for howard - he would only leave to be number 1 though).

S.Taylor (he may become available and would prob get in at right back/ cover centre back).

Mancienne (would be fantastic cover on-loan).

Onourha (if citeh pack their squad with £££££ foreign talent - he may be surplus, like taylor he could get in at rb and provide cb cover).

Johnson/Driver (good young left wingers - not going to lie and say I know a lot about them but they've both had good reviews).

Noble (quality - would carry a big fee - if he wants to progress though he needs to play in europe).

Cattermole (if we want a young, terrior in the middle, here's your man - remind me of my hero Joe Parkinson).


All of these could potentially improve our squad now and for the future so young Jack needs to chat some of these boys up for us!!!

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