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Europa League Group Draw

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A question for one of the many portugese fans posting in this thread. Apologies if this has already been asked 9and answered) but can you tell me how many tickets Benfica usually provide for visiting supporters? UEFA rules state it has to be a minimu of 5% for Europa League games but that's just over 3000 and I can see us wanting 3 or 4 times that amount.

Also, is anyone on here a member of the European Travel club as I understand that is the only way to get a ticket through the club or am i mistaken??


The benfica board are usually pretty stringy when it comes to tickets, sometimes giving well bellow the required minimum. Of course, in europe, I doubt they'll do that, because UEFA would actually punish them, unlike what happens here, but I don't see them sending more than required.

Depending on their sales, they might make a few more available, but it's doubtful, they usually have pretty good attendances early in the season, when they're still high on dreams of success. :D

Nonetheless, there's a decent change of getting a ticket at the matchday, I reckon.


I don't want to be an immature child...but...you have a keeper called Quim?


That's is the greatest name ever. Ha ha!


Yup, they do.

Decent keeper, but gives some amazing freebies sometimes...

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