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Everton Fan Needed

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Apologies for interrupting your forum, my name is Tom Brown and I work for the Fulham matchday programme. We are after an Everton fan to take part in our home and away fan section for the forthcoming game between the two clubs.


If you are interested please answer the questions below and send them to tombrown@fulhamfc.com.







Why do you support Everton?


What was your first Everton game?


Favourite Everton Player of all-time and why:


Best ever Everton memory and why:


All-time Everton XI:


First Person you text after a game?


Who can make the difference for Everton against Fulham?


Who do you see as Fulham’s danger man?


You’re the boss, how do Everton beat Fulham?


Expectations for the season:


Score Prediction:



If you could also include a picture of yourself, ideally a nice head shot, that would be much appreciated.


I thank you for your help and time.


Many thanks


Tom Brown

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I'll get a programme when i go down there and see if any of you reprobates get in it.


If anybody makes it into the programme you can have it as a keepsake. :)

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