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Positivity please

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The fans reaction to the defeat last night was a disgrace - booing at full time should never be heard, especially when we had been unlucky to have not scored.


At thats exactly what it was - unlucky.


But it doesnt really matter - its the carling cup - a mickey mouse tournament that will only get in the way. Okay - its a route to Europe - but who cares?


I think that the team will have gained a lot from last night - there were some interesting changes - kilbane at left back, Davies in centre mid, VDM, Arteta's 3rd game at right wing, arteta and hibbo linking up


BT's 2nd competitive game since injury...


We can take a lot from the performance and analyse the bad points and turn misfortune around - hopefully starting with the brummies...


but it WILL NEVER HAPPEN if the attitude of the fans doesn't change from Doom and Gloom


The fans will send us down this year, if we are not careful.


Only 3 days before, the atmosphere was electric - drawing with the league champions - yet Wednesday and apart from the odd 'if ya know yer history' - the crowd was silent - Dead almost. How can players raise the game if they are thinking that the fans aren't happy?

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