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Just listening to the latest podcast and they keep marketing these things with the words exclusive etc get it through your head Everton PR people I don't want crappy podcasts that say nothing I want some actual transfer news and I would like Everton to be able to compete with the premiership's elite like Bolton and Wigan [Anyway rant over] On this latest podcast amongst Sharpy's ramblings about Phil Neville there was the news that there are going to be some big changes to the website what do you reckon these will be do you think they will actually be useful. I think it will be more pay to use services like charging to access the website to gain exclusive access to quality stories like Stubbs Re-signs exclusive etc. Whilst I am on the subject of overcharging on that website how come when they used to have their own commentary team at matches for Radio Everton it was free, but now they don't pay anyone to commente because they just use Radio City's coverage do we have to pay for it? This is a service that is free to anyone who lives around the north west via a normal radio. At home it's not a problem but in Manchester in Uni it's hard to get city because there is some rubbish station on 96.6 that interferes with it :angry: Anyway rant really over this time ;)

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